The one and only prize that celebrates the best exhibition design at Milano Design Week.

4-9 APRIL 2017

Discover the best exhibitions at Fuorisalone

Every year Milan becomes the center of the design world. Hundreds thousands of professionals and enthusiast visit the city looking for upcoming international trends. A rich program of exhibitions and events, not easy to surf.

Milano Design Award selects, thanks to an international jury, the best exhibition designs of Fuorisalone, through different aspects: concept, use of technology, storytelling, engagement and innovative formats. A path of the fourty best exhibitions, impossible to miss.




Milano Design Award 2017 Winner

The best exhibition of Milano Design Week, selected for its well designed mix of concept, technology, storytelling and engagement.


Best Concept

The exhibition that proposes the most innovative idea, chennelling the strongest value, anticipating future opportunities and meanings.

Best Technology

The exhibition that shows innovative technologies or a creative use of the existing ones.

Best Storytelling

The best exhibition that clearly send its message, through enganging storytelling and communication.

Best Engagement by IED

The exhibition that stands by strongly relating audience with its concept, creating an immersive relationship between different aspects (space, sound, products etc.)

The Unicorn

The exhibition that shows an innovation seed in exhibition design, breaking the rules and traces a future design direction within the exhibition design field.

Lifetime Achievement for Designer

The prize that honours a designer's career who made thehistory of Fuorisalone.

Press Choice

The best exhibition of Milano Design Week according to the press, selected by its well designed mix of concept, technology, storytelling and engagement.

Lifetime Achievement for Company

The prize that honours a company that has a strong relationshipwith Fuorisalone and signed its peculiar moments.