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World Gambling Laws

The internet made online casinos possible, giving many people the chance to do their favorite hobby, have fun, be entertained, and earn real money in the comfort of their own homes.

Of course, the traditional land casinos did not want to be left behind and quickly launched their own online platforms to cater to players from different corners of the world. This made casino gambling even more accessible to the greater public.

Despite its popularity, the online casino industry is still relatively new. Internet-based casinos being new to the gambling scene saw scams and other fraudulent activities prevalent during its early days. This called for regulations to be applied.

What makes things complicated is the fact that restrictions placed on gambling differ in many countries.

Although restrictions for online gambling rarely apply to players because sanctions are normally given to the casinos, it is still of great importance to look at the overview of the gambling law in the country where you are playing.

I have prepared an overview of gambling laws by different regions so you can find out about them, especially the ones having jurisdiction over your region.


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Gambling’s biggest markets in Europe are situated in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The majority of the European countries have already legalized all forms of gambling – this includes Sweden, Serbia, Romania, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Austria.

Countries like Iceland and France banned online casinos but allow land-based casino gaming. Turkey implements stricter restrictions, something that you have to be careful of.

North America

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Mexico and Canada allow all modes of gambling – though things may vary in different provinces, so there is still a need for you to look at local regulations.

In the United States, gambling is very popular but there is a state to state difference in terms of restrictions and regulations, so always pay attention to state laws.


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Laws for gambling in Asia tend to differ drastically from country to country so checking out detailed guides is important. Adding to the complicatedness of things is the possibility of restrictions and regulations to change in just a space of months.

Countries like Japan have a strong anti-gambling stance in place, although some regions of the country have already shifted their policies. Taiwan only allows sports betting. Thailand banned all kinds of gambling.

In Vietnam, locals are not allowed to engage in gambling, both online and land-based since gambling is only allowed for Foreign Visitors.

Always make sure to check out the restrictions and regulations existing in your country before playing.

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